London Yoga Festival

Sunday September 23, 2018




in the Education Wing

explore local talent | small & intimate sessions

7:00pm Saturday September 30

KIRTAN with Brenda Mc Morrow

10:30-11:30am | $15 class

CHOOSE FROM Yoga for the Light Hearted Yogi | Yoga for Kids | Lunar Flow | Yoga Therapy
Yoga for the Light-Hearted Yogi

A relaxed, fun and engaging class for Yogi's of all levels! Beginning with a short breath practice, class also includes flows, balancing postures and a gently lead savasana.

Natalie is the owner of Wildflower Yoga and has been teaching in London for over three years. She has developed a wonderfully supportive and lovely following in East London, teaching weekly classes for all level of Yogis. She is a true believer in cultivating community, supporting each another on and off the mat and providing a safe and judgement free space for every body. Practice include laughter, Yogi engagement and always FUN!


Lunar Flow

Many traditional cultures revere the Moon as a manifestation of the divine feminine force in nature.  This practice allows us to honour the yin or feminine side of our energy, in contrast to the Sun Salutations, which are more yang, or masculine in nature.  Moon Salutations are not just for women!  Men can reconnect, realign and cool-down fiery impulses through Moon Salutations.

Nicole Balogh is the founder and directors of Serenity Now Yoga.  She begin practicing yoga in 1996 as a therapy to recover from Chronic Fatigue.  This personal transformation naturally progressed to a teaching certificate in 2003.  Nicole offers a mindful approach to yoga that is tailored to the specific needs of each individual no matter where they are physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

A Little Yoga Therapy Goes a Long Way
This group class will include an explanation on how Yoga Therapy is bridging yoga and healthcare.  Experience a variety of techniques on how Yoga Therapy can be used to enhance your health and wellness and/or overcome limitations and injuries in a light-hearted, fun environment.

Alina Calinescu is a dedicated full-time Yoga Teacher, Yoga Teacher Trainer and Certified Yoga Therapist with over 7,000 hours of teaching experience and +1,000 hours of training from expert teachers, medical and healthcare providers.  She's an energetic and enthusiastic Yoga Therapist who skillfully assists her clients on their path to health and wellness.


noon-1:00pm | $15 class

CHOOSE FROM Empowered Vinyasa Flow | A Journey Through the Chakras | Empower Your Home Practice with Ayurveda | Becoming a Yoga Teacher
A Journey Through the Chakras

Join Registered Herbalist + Ayurvedic Yoga Teacher Jane Magri as she takes you on a journey exploring the chakras through gentle yoga, meditation, and mudras exploring each energy centre from the ground up, with the intention of bringing more awareness and harmony to these energy points

.Jane Magri is a Registered Herbalist, Ayurvedic Yoga Teacher and co-owner of Wildflowers Farm, which is the home of Wildflowers Tea + Honey and Wildflowers Wellness , a wholistic practice blending Jane's passions and life's work of plant medicine, yoga, ayurveda, meditation and seasonal living.


Empowered Vinyasa Flow

This is a class for those that wish to dig deep. If you feel you have lost a connection with yourself, your personal power or emotions, this is the class for you. It will challenge, change and help you explore your own body and emotions through a marriage of movement and breath (Vinyasa). We will use the power of pranic flow (energy) to access parts of you that have been deeply buried, and help release what you are ready and able to. Unleash what is stuck, bring forth what is needed, and find the strength to let it go. Join me for an exploration of your physical body, flow, movement and emotions through this empowering yoga class. See you on the mat!

Martina Biljan RYT 200; RHN; H.Ba  Yoga goes beyond the body and is deeply rooted in the mind and breath. I love teaching powerful vinyasa classes, but I also love the other side of yoga, the quiet side. There are so many aspects and benefits of the practice that go beyond the physical body. My classes range from fun and flowing to deep relaxing restorative. I cater my class to my students and aim to open this beautiful practice up to anyone who is willing to show up. 

Goodwill Healing

Prana Yoga and Wellness

Rebirth Wellness Centre - Pre and Post-Natal YMCA Middlesex 


Empower Your Home Practice with Ayurveda
Understanding how the energies of the elements work in Nature and awakening this awareness in your inner world as a foundation towards an integrated and personal practice. Build a mindful foundation towards true health.

Diana Londono, Registered Yoga Instructor. Certified Ayurveda Life-Style Counsellor. Yoga Therapist  For me, yoga has always been a tool to help one awaken into the true essence of ones’ life. To me, yoga is not a competition, nor a one fixed approach but, the opportunity to live a mindful and conscious life, while creating balance with our environment, nature, humanity and our body, mind, and spirit. In 2014, I decided to take the Ayurveda Healing course and I am now a certified Ayurveda Life-Style Counsellor. It is knowledge and training that I deeply respect and incorporate in my daily life and student teaching. This ancient science of life reinforces my belief that to reach optimal health (balance and integration of physical body, mind, and spirit) one needs to be in tune with Nature while understanding and respecting their own constitution.

1:30-2:30pm | $15 class

CHOOSE FROM The Kleshas | Prenatal Yoga | Hybrid Flow | Prana Playground
Uncovering the Kleshas
The Kleshas in Movement, Sound and Stillness. Using the five Kleshas (ignorance, egoism, attachment, aversion and clinging to life ) as a guidepost we will explore how the tools of yoga can help you on your soul journey, uncover the roots of spiritual suffering and find inner peace. We will use a variety of yoga techniques - asana, pranayama, mudra, mantra/chanting and meditation - to explore the Kleshas. 

Katlin Robinson has been practicing yoga and mindfulness techniques for more than 15 years. She is a RYT500 and currently completing her C-IAYT training as a Yoga Therapist specializing in Yoga for Mental Health.  Her workshops and classes combine with the gentle awareness of Hatha, the postural precision of Iyengar, the playfulness of Vinyasa and the soulfulness of Kundalini.


Hybrid Flow

Focusing on alignment, this flowing class will incorporate the elements of nature, ensuring that students are challenged while adhering to the Hybrid of Yoga Foundations, Power and Flow. Hybrid Flow™ yoga teachers are well prepared to develop and instruct safe and inspirational yoga classes, be confident with hands-on adjustments, incorporate a personal meditation practice and understand the history of yoga philosophy.

Lisa began practising yoga in Calgary in 1997 and studied Iyengar Yoga, Bikram Yoga and Moksha hot yoga. She holds certifications from: Prana Flow (Shiva Rea), Baptiste Power Institute (Baron Baptiste), Moksha Yoga, Relax and Renew (Judith Hanson Lasater), Mindfulness Meditation (Frank Jude Boccio and Michael Stone), Stott Pilates.  Lisa is the founder of Yoga Shack, as well as a faculty member and presenter at the Toronto Yoga Conference. She holds a Masters of Business Administration from Queen's University and a BA in Sociology from King's University College at the University of Western Ontario.


Prenatal Yoga

Pregnancy is a wonderful time to begin a yoga practice. You will love how prenatal yoga connects you to your changing body + your beautiful babe, while preparing you for childbirth {in mind, body & heart}. Rebirth opened its doors in 2010 and has been the most sought after community for moms of all stages of pregnancy looking for a space to practice yoga. We offer offer more than just a class. We offer a place for you to connect, to nurture your awesomeness and find your tribe.


3:00-4:00pm | $15 class

CHOOSE FROM Breathe Through Grief | Restorative Yoga | Introduction to Ayurveda for Yoga | Mindfulness to Life with Ayurveda
Breathe Through Grief

Grief affects the whole-self, our mind, body and spirit.  The pain of loss gets stuck in the body. With yoga, mindfulness and a deep connection to breath we become present to our inner-strength, open to releasing emotions held in the body, and learn to breathe through grief.

Katie Van Den Berg is the founder of Maitri Yoga and Wellness and an RYT-500.  Katie is passionate about spreading loving-kindness into the world, and teaching the healing modalities of yoga and a holistic lifestyle for deep relaxation, healing and release.


Restorative Yoga

Restorative yoga is recognized as an essential part of self healing.  Misty Lucas strives to bring Restorative to more people in an effort to provide self care and disconnect from the hectic world we live in.  The practice of Restorative Yoga provides a quieting of the mind and an opportunity to connect within.

Misty is founder of Vikara Yoga, RYT-500 who teaches from her home based boutique studio and also volunteers with the MS Society and The Elgin Middlesex Detention Centre.

Introduction to Ayurveda for a Yoga Practice
A class exploring Ayurveda as the sister science to yoga, covering the importance of Ayurvedic knowledge and considerations when practicing Yoga.  Topics covered will include a brief exploration of the doshas (vata, pitta & kapha), seasons and other important points to consider in your daily yoga practice.

Liz Raymond is an Ayurvedic Life-Style Consultant and Ayurvedic Yoga Therapist.


4:30-5:30pm | $15 class

CHOOSE FROM Chakradance | Healing Depression with Yoga & Ayurveda | Restorative Yoga | Kriya Yoga

Chakradance is a way to integrate body, mind and spirit in free-flowing movement.  This blend of movement with particular frequencies of sound can free the energies in your body and open you to a deeper experience of life.

Sue Wilson is a free spirited yogi with her own private studio south of St. Thomas.  She has been teaching yoga for 6 years and was recently certified in Chakradance.  Sue is beyond excited to share this powerful healing modality at the London Yoga Festival.


Healing Depression with Ayurveda & Yoga in a Modern World

Through her own experiences with depression and anxiety, Justine will explain how Raja Yoga and Ayurveda in combination with burgeoning mindfulness techniques, can help to bring us to a place of self-acceptance and quiet strength.

Justine Lytwynec is a Secondary School Teacher and an Ayurvedic Yoga Educator.  She's been trained in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy as well as Emotion Regulation.



Valerie + Ship


9:00-10:00am | $15 class

CHOOSE FROM Renew, Revive & Restore | Mantra Yoga | Unpacking Yoga | Mindfulness with Vinyasa Yoga
Renew, Revive and Restore

Integrate dynamic movement with deep harmonious pranayama breath work to ebb and flow with the body's natural rhythms.  Discover inner strength and stability as you quiet the cessations of the mind through asana followed by guided meditation and restorative yoga session to bridge the gap between body, mind, breath and the self.

As an avid lover of body movement and after many years of self practice, Adelle Leonard pursued her career as a full-time yoga instructor in 2010 motivated to share this ritual with others. Inspired by the connection of mind, body & breath, she strives to create fun, challenging and supportive sequences that guide individuals closer to that path.  Her classes are weaved with creative flows, supportive adjustments and clean, clear instruction with soul. She is dedicated to living in rhythm and is deeply captivated by nature.


Mantra Yoga: Easy, Practical and Profound

Learn the art and science of the various applications of a personalized Mantra Practice. This talk will explore how Mantra Yoga is a deeply effective practice for purifying and calming the disturbances of the mind.  Understanding the use of different mantras including seed mantras, mantras for the elements and deity mantras with Ayurvedic considerations.

Shankari Van Acker (Vedic Counselor, Ayurvedic Life-Style Consultant and Meditation Therapist) shares her over 13 years of Yoga, Ayurveda, Mantra, Meditation and Vedic Astrology practice, study and experience.  Along with her husband Yogesh Van Acker she is founder and co-director of AT THE CORE (one of Canada's most distinguished Schools of Yoga, Ayurveda and Meditation study, sharing the teachings of their teachers Dr. David Frawley and Yogini Shambhavi Devi through their affiliation with The American Institute of Vedic Studies.)


Mindfulness with Vinyasa Yoga
We will alternate between practice and study, exploring and cultivating personal empowerment and healing, discovering tools to offer us cures for dealing with larger issues. We will move our bodies through specifically designed series of asana that will physically and emotionally release tension and old habits, so we can make room for what's next and invite in renewal through mindfulness.

Dan Woodward (RYT 500) has been practicing his yoga on and off his mat for over 40 years. A self-described lifelong seeker of meaning and purpose, Dan teaches what is relevant, meaningful and practical in all our lives, and found within the limitlessness of yoga and meditation.



So you want to be a Yoga Teacher....?

If you've been thinking about following your passion for yoga and becoming a yoga teacher, this information session is perfect for you!  We will discuss the intricacies of whether the time is right for you and go into detail about what's involved in making a wise decision for when and where to take your Yoga Teacher Training.

Alina Calinescu and Richard Wilkinson have collectively been teaching yoga for over 10,000 hours.  They have studied with some of the most senior yoga teachers in North America and will share their knowledge and experiences to guide you through your decision making process.


Unpacking Yoga: Celebrating what Works, Transforming the Rest
Because the practice of yoga is deeply integrated with a spiritual philosophy, many are reluctant to challenge the "sacred cow".  This workshop offers an intriguing look at the health claims of yoga asana and aspects of the physical practice that require re-inventing.  Participants will learn about yoga research, share their experiences, and learn how to offer a low risk/high reward practice.

Michele Barnes (E-RYT 200 & YACEP with Yoga Alliance) has been practicing Yoga for almost 20 years and teaching since 2003.  Her primary focus is to help people better understand and love the incredible landscape of their bodies and to engage in a practice that honours the bio mechanics and natural design of the human form.

Yoga for Kids

Yoga for children ages 3 to 10, offering a mixture of yoga postures, yoga games, music and relaxation, meditation and mindful activities.  This will be a safe and fun environment with creative props, language and dynamic interactions.

Jaime Burnham is a mother of four and a Children's Yoga Teacher trained by Young Yoga Masters of Toronto.  She holds an Honours BA degree in Psychology and Sociology.  She teaches yoga in and around the London area at various studios offering classes for 2-12 year olds.



Prana Playground

Experience this integrated Yoga class designed to support the release of chronic pain and mental/emotional unrest through movement, meditation, mantra, music and other subtle yogic therapies.  An in-depth Yoga experience that awakens awareness through all Koshas (layers) of our Being.

Yogesh Van Acker E-RYT 500, Vedic Counselor, Ayurvedic Life-Style Consultant and Certified Meditation Therapist is co-founder and director of AT THE CORE.  Through his years of in-depth study and training with the teachings of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Dr. David Frawley and Yogini Shambhavi Devi, Yogesh shares a deeply profound and healing grace and energy. 


Bringing Mindfulness to Life: Ayurvedic Considerations for Creating a Personal Practice

An Ayurvedic perspective can provide insights that allow individuals to customize their mindfulness practices to nourish the body, mind and spirit on a deeper lever.  The class will cover the fundamentals of mindfulness, the elements, the doshas and the koshas and explore Ayurvedic considerations for creating daily formal and informal mindfulness practices.

Ruby Nadler, Ph.D., YTT-250 has a diverse research background in the areas of cognitive science, positive psychology, and mindfulness.  Ruby maintains research affiliations at the Brain and Mind Institute at Western University, and her research has been featured by Time Magazine, Business Insider, and BBC Radio, among others, and is cited by the brain-training app "Happify". Ruby integrates her scientific expertise with Yogic and Ayurvedic wisdom to help people thrive.


Babaji's Kriya Yoga
A tantric practice with the aim to experience only the Present.  A kriya is a cleansing or purification technique.  To practice a kriya means that we are cleansing for purification of the body, breath, mind, intellect and spirit.  Its purpose is to study ourselves from the outside going inward for deep relaxation for developing awareness through postures, breath-focus (pranayama), mantra, meditation, and devotional practice.  This practice of purification is to bring about greater health and peace of body, mind and spirit.

Through immersion into various lineages of hatha yoga, Premadasa Gangadeen developed a thirst to learn more about classical ashtanga yoga.  His interest in the philosophy, practice and spiritual devotion of ashtanga yoga created a resolve to learn more Kriya Yoga, and he has become a graduate student and teacher of Babaji's Kriya Hatha Yoga.

Restorative Yoga
The benefits of a Restorative Practice for EVERYBODY! Stop your racing mind and tune into the true quiet of your nature. BUT HOW? The delightful and funny Michelle and Valerie of Mothership School of Yoga will guide you through a DELICIOUS restorative yoga practice to promote a subtle yet effective stretch and a deep relaxation. Offering hands on assists and aromatherapy to send practitioners off into a state of bliss.

Mothership School of Yoga is co-founded by Michelle Shipley E-RYT-200 + Valerie Giles E-RYT-500. Together Ship and Val have over 15 years of yoga experience and hundreds of hours of specialized training with yoga's leading teachers. Their kind, fun and experiential approach to both learning and teaching has developed into a unique yogic experience.

at The London Waldorf School
7 Beaufort St.  London ON